I made my debut in the adult industry while in college in Portland, Oregon. I read a statistic in the newspaper that Portland had more sex industry per capita than anywhere else in the United States! That fascinated me, and I decided to write a paper on the Portland commercial sex-trade for a Sociology class. I picked up a copy of Exotica - a street paper for adult entertainment. Sure enough, there were 125 adult businesses on their map! Every little bar was a strip club!

A male friend and I went to a new strip club every night and talked to the dancers. Portland apparently has little zoning restrictions like other cities. You can put a strip bar be right next to a school for all they care. Portland is very 60s progressive and very laissez faire with vice enforcement.

The project turned into more when I took a job in a lingerie parlor as research. A lingerie parlor is a private dance in which the customer may get as comfortable as he wants as the model strips out of her outfit and uses a toy. There is no contact between the customer and the client however.

I can still remember my first customer. I stripped out of a white gown, and danced in front of him in my white lace panties and stockings, while he pleasured himself. He placed a hundred-dollar tip on the table for me. I was so nervous I honestly forgot to take off my underwear. He didnt seem to mind and finished in record time. I thought I was RICH. I had never made that much money before without slaving for weeks!

I really liked sex work, and after the paper was finished I kept working. When I finished school I took out a small ad in Exotica that read Legs to Kill, Lauren, and my phone number. I took in-call appointments from my place and built up an adoring client base. Sex work is fun, lucrative, and Im not much of a 9 to 5 type of girl - not with this ass.

In 1998 I made a painful yet necessary decision to leave the rainy weather of Portland, and I moved to San Diego. I didnt know a soul there! Pretty soon I was back in the adult biz doing outcall escorting - and making a TON of money. Boy those tech times were good. While living in San Diego I met a talent scout for adult movies and began starring in films. Definitely an interesting time!

I now see gentlemen in lots of differerent circumstances. I dance bachelor/birthday/poker parties on most weekend nights - those boys will never forget that night I promise you! I also still do movies off and on... depending on the project now. And of course meeting with gentlemen for intimate private fun. I am extremely open minded to anything that makes you happy and does not hurt me. Life is meant to be lived. Let us all live on.

I work each day noon to midnight by appointment only. Some advance notice is required.

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