Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a porn star then is is ok to film our escort session?

Answer: NO I'm sorry - it is not. That would be illegal. Adult film producers have a lot of rules they have to follow to be a licenced film producer - from catereing a hot meal every 4 hours, to hiring union camera and light people, to having an outside records office for all model releases. Even for private use I DO NOT ALLOW FILMING OF ANY SESSION EVER.

Question: How do I purchase one of your movies?

Answer: Those movies belong to my producers. Porn stars are paid a one time fee and make no commissions on purchases of movies thereafter. You can purchase one of my movies at your local video store or at Excaliburfilms

What's it like to do porn?

It's a job. A fun job! The performers (talent) are wonderful sexy people! Sometimes the business part is rough though. Producers have total control of the product. They can call the film what ever they like and even sell your photos with no legal recourse.

Do porn actresses make a lot of money?

Porn actress' are paid in two different ways. They are paid per scene - $800 for a boy/girl, $600 for a girl/girl, $150 for a solo scene. Or they are paid a one time fee for a yearly picture contract - similar to the old Hollywood system, for example $40,000 per year to star in 10 movies. However, can not work for other companies then. Producers and directors make the lion's share of money on a film not the stars.

How do male pornstars last so long?

The footage is not looped. It's his job. He's a trained professional. Pay is very low though - $50 to $150 a scene.

Are you still doing porn?

No, the majority of movies these days feature teens. I'm primarly shooting for fun internet sites lately.

Can I get a signed picture?

Absolutely. Send a self addressed stamped envelope and $10 per picture in a blank money order to Lauren Legends, 1927 Harbor Blvd. #755, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 and I'll get it right out to you!

Do you do custom videos?

Occasionally. Price depends on length and content. PayPal is accepted.



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